Event Prelude Introduction Song

Mixing is the 2nd crucial aspect in music production. Generally composition, arrangement and recording takes 50% of music production, mixing is 30% and mastering is the rest. How to produce a good final music?

With a proper mixing technique, it can boost the music quality itself significantly. It is not about gear, but it is more about listening, understanding about audio, knowing the gear and skill to utilise and maximise the gears in order to get the sound we want. Yet mixing is an artistic part of music production where creativity and good inspiration is really needed.

Here is the original song before mix: https://soundcloud.com/aurallion/open…

Mixing takes time and experiments to understand all aspect to make our music well polished. So my tips are:

  • Learn the music / audio fundamental.
  • Listen to great songs to understand how they sound.
  • Take time to experiment using various tools (EQ, compressors, etc) using sample projects.
  • Fine tune your mixing technique by trying and trying (don’t stuck at 1 song, try various songs and genres). * Ask somebody to review and give advice.