January 10, 2017

Music Production

Music production consists of several stages from creating the music idea to the publication, they are:

  1. Creating music idea and composition
  2. Develop music arrangement including vocal arrangement too
  3. Band or artist practice to prepare the music performance
  4. Perform audio recording in our studio, other’s studio or on site live recording
  5. Perform multi-track audio mixing and mastering
  6. Register the music into authorized music publisher such as BMI or ASPAC (in this case we are using COMPASS to register into all publishers)
  7. Create documentation or clip video for publication if necessary
  8. Publish the music into music aggregator/distributor

We are able to perform single or entire album music production, single artists or bands, home musician to an orchestra. Here, we also act as a Label to produce your music idea into real audience on the market.

Here some cases on what we can do:

  1. You are a home musician, who practice music by yourself or joining a music course, and you have an inspiration to create a music. However, you have no idea how to realize your music. Here we can help to produce your music from idea into final music work that is ready to publish
  2. You have a band, and you team are quite optimist with your talent and music. But you don’t know what to do to make your band exists in the market. Here we can help to guide your band to make whether a band cover (song from other artists) or even create your own music work. We also can provide service to do recording, mixing and mastering until your music is published into the market.
  3. You like singing and you love singing so much, until you are very confident with your voice. But you don’t know what to do next to push your boundary. Here we can help to assist you creating a cover music, or even your own music work. Not only that, we can also provide music arrangements and perform recording works to make it a professional music that ready to publish.
  4. You organize a church and want to held a special service. You have a vocalists, backing singers, bands and live stage sound systems, but you have no idea how to perform live recording as a professional band. Here we can help to provide live recording on stage from simple 8 audio tracks to huge 64 tracks. After that, we also can perform multi-track mixing and mastering. Not only that, we can arrange video documentation to provide a professional music performance and documentation for your church.
  5. Possibility is unlimited..

Don’t hesitate to contact us just to do some discussion or consultation for free. We are just interested to bring your great music idea into reality, and we want to hear it realyl good at the end of the day. That’s our passion.