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great music is our passion

Our unique talent is to produce great musics, grow music talent and let the world knows our inspiring musics
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Music Production

Complete music production process starts from consultation, composition, arrangement, digital recording, mixing, mastering and publishing.

Audio Recording

In house studio or on site live audio recording including multi-track mixing and final audio mastering

Music Publication

Music work distribution including video documentation or clip making

Our Musicalities

Our most important vision is delivering state-of-art musical works
"Imagination is the beginning of creations"

In the music industry nowaday, everybody can make a music. From a single artist performer who is using minus-one track or performance music track, a small band or musicians with some talents, a music composer who doesn't have enough musician to build a complete music piece, and many more.

Music is now everywhere, it is on every place, in your palm, goes directly into your ear. It is never been easier to get the music these days. You have iTunes, Spotify, Youtube, all of the music service and streaming service you can mention.

Practically, everybody can make a music with any tools and publish it just with a blink. You don't even need a big and expensive studio, or a major label to introduce your song to the audience. As long as you really have a talent, a great music piece, you can show it to the world.

That is why we focus to help talented artist and musician to produce a great music work by providing a complete production processes including musical composition, arrangement, digital recording, mixing, mastering and finally the digital publishing. Simply by helping you to bring your music into the world.

  • If you don't have a music piece, we might have one for you. Even if you have your own music piece, we can make a complete music arrangement for you

  • If you already have music composition or arrangement, we can perform multi-track audio recording, polish it, mix and master it to be ready to publish

  • It is about distributing your music through most music services such as iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, or Spotify. We also help you register your work to legal entities too

  • It is an added value you can make for delivering your music to your audience. To make it visible and move to the world

About Aurallion Studio

Aurallion Studio was founded by Stefanus Wayanartha Arjono Koesanto (Ivan aka Stefan Aurell) from Indonesia. Gifted by keyboard playing skill, he learned audio production since 2001 from music composition, audio production, and later multi-track mixing and mastering process. He started to produce his music composition and arrangement since 2004, and released his first musical album with a band on 2005. His first album "Full Color" was released 2008 in Indonesia for only a limited audience and market, followed by the 2nd "Full Color - New Beginning" album on 2011. In year 2011, he migrated to Singapore and start producing his music works and artist into digital music services such as Soundcloud, iTunes and Youtube. Along with music production service, Stefanus also provides affordable live recording service for any kind of occasion to support and boost Music Industry in Singapore.

Stefanus Wayanartha Arjono Koesanto

Keyboardist, arranger, sound engineer and music producer who is very passionate to create great music works.

Recent Projects

Here we share you some of our recent projects to inspire you on what we do

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